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Keeping fresh content on your responsive website is a crucial part of making your website a success. Fresh content on a wordpress website accomplishes two key goals: 1. It keeps visitors (potential customers) coming back. 2. It helps your website rank much higher on the main search engines who strongly favor fresh content in their search results: Google, Yahoo and Bing. The concept ties in and is central to creating inbound marketing which keeps your customers fully informed about products and services related to your business and industry so that potential customers keep coming back for more relevant and helpful information about your industry. This information can be released on social media creating yet another opportunity for inbound marketing.

Types of fresh content

  1. The highest authorities online say that “content is king”. The easiest and most effective type of content change is making simple website changes by means of adding fresh text to your website. This can be done with ease on the Word Press platform. We suggest adding and frequently changing content to a “what’s new” page.
  2. It can also easily be done by a social media feed right into your website. Every time you update your social media it automatically updates your website.
  3. Updating your website can also be done by means of a blog if you enjoy writing or if you would like to hire us to do it for you. We can also create fresh text based on the seasons or our knowledge of your industry.